Sunday, February 5, 2012

LSJ - Super Bowl

I'm picking the Patriots over the Giants.  I have gone back and forth on this, even while typing it, but finally decided the holes on the Giants are less than the holes for the Pats.  What's the difference you ask? The Giants have been talking smack all week, making predictions, talking about how they rattle Brady, the IT department screws up and displays the Championship website early, and on and on.  The New York media TRIED to stir up controversy with Brady's words, but he diffused it and that was that.  Gronk isn't healthy and that can't be good for Pats fans, but I think Brady will pull it out in the 4th QTR 34 - 31.


The jocks will be the QB's as both Brady and Manning will throw for 300 yards and 2 TD's apiece.  Winning QB gets the MVP.

Enjoy the Super Bowl and live tweeting commentary on the game and commercials!!  Listen Tuesday as Matt & Chris discuss the Super Bowl, the ads, the Vegas caucus, snow, and as always weird news on at 10:00 pm eastern.  

Sunday, January 1, 2012

LSJ - Week 17


The first lock is the Dallas Cowboys will miss the playoffs finishing the year 1-4 in December and January?  Why?  Because they don't know any different.  I'm not sure the team is strong enough mentally to overcome missed field goals, blocked field goals, and 12 point leads with 5 minutes to go.  The game will be close, and I will be screaming at the TV, if only in my head because I can't wake the kids...Giants kill my New Years, 34 - 31.

The Saints beat the Panthers trying to lock up the #1 seed in the NFC.  They also have some records they will want to break, and you may have heard that Cam Newton is playing in the game and beat the Saints the first time around.  I don't see this happening, I got the Saints winning 38 - 31.


The first shock is the Jets over the Dolphins.  They Jets are still playoff eligible, before the games start anyway, but they need help from like half the league.  Since they have Rex as their coach I can't see them giving up, especially because they are the noon kickoff.  The Jets win a wild game with the Dolphins (aren't all Jets v. Dolphins games wild?) 24 - 23.

The second shock of the week is Chargers beating the Raiders in the last week of the season.  Norvel will be trying to save his job...again...but more importantly than that is the Chargers are hot right now and the Raiders aren't.  Chargers win 23 - 20.


The first jock is obvious, Drew Brees 300 yards and 3 touchdowns.  I think that is all he knows how to do this year.

The second jock is Eli Manning who will torch the Dallas defense for 300 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Happy New Year everyone and enjoy the final games of the regular season.  Chris and Matt SHOULD be back Tuesday night at 10:00 p.m. eastern at

Sunday, December 18, 2011

LSJ - Week 15

As an early Christmas gift I decided instead of just tweeting out the picks I would write them down for you.  I know some of you need it to keep track of them.  You know who you are BMA grads!!


The first lock of the week is the Baltimore Ravens over the San Diego Chargers.  The underachieving Chargers look nothing like the teams they have in the past, especially in December.  It would appear they will miss the playoffs and probably start shopping for a GM and a head coach.  Another nail goes in the Norv coffin today, Ravens win 23 - 17.

The second lock of the week is the Patriots over the Holy Rollers aka the Denver Broncos.  Maybe if Tebow played like it was the last 5 minutes all game they would have a chance, but lets not get carried away.  The "Hoody" will have something special for Timmy and everyone will start jumping off the Tebow for MVP bandwagon.  That award still goes to Peyton Manning.  Patriots win 31 - 10.


The first shock of the week is the Jets over the Eagles.  The Jets are in a must win situation and the Eagles are still trying to find their way out of the paper bag.  I'm sure they will find their way out next week against the Cowboys, but this week not so much.  The Jets win 23 - 20.

The second shock is the Steelers over the 49ers.  The Steelers haven't played great, and they travel cross country to play in San Fran, and Big Ben is banged up, so add it all up and you get a Steelers win.  Yeah I know, consider it new math.  I just don't trust the 49ers and its Monday night and ESPN will need to heap platitude upon platitude on Worthlessburger.  Doesn't Worthington or LaLoma make that?  Anywho, Steelers win 24 - 17.


Drew Brees 300 yards and 2 touchdowns.  It's a broken record for a reason, I think he will have a break some records by season end.  Plus it doesn't hurt they are playing the Vikings!!

Tom Brady 300 yards and 2 touchdowns as well.  I thought about putting Tebow here, but then I didn't think anyone would see the humor in a 50 yard day.  

Sunday, November 27, 2011

LSJ - Week 12


The first lock of the week is the Steelers over the Chiefs.  The Chiefs were looking like a better team, whether they were ACTUALLY a better team is up for debate.  For whatever reason, probably the Steelers are a good national draw NBC decided not to change games.  I'm sure they are right, the Eagles vs. the Patriots won't be a better game.  The Steelers run with this one 31 - 3.

The second lock of the week is the Saints over the Giants.  There are the good Giants that beat New England a couple of weeks ago and then the Giants that lose to the Seahawks.  The G-men have lost two in a row, and it may be four in a row before they get to meet the Cowboys in Cowboys Stadium.  It's a rough patch for the G-men as they lose to the Saints on the road 27 - 20.


The Titans are favored over the Buccaneers at home today by 3.  The Bucs haven't been a consistent team, but then again neither have the Titans.  Hasselbeck isn't 100% and Chris Johnson hasn't been Chris Johnson all year, my fantasy team is a clear indication incase you needed one.  I like the Bucs on the road because they have the youth and the talent.  This doesn't always win road games in the NFL, but it will this week 23 - 13.

The second shock of the week is the Redskins over the Seahawks.  I almost went Eagles over Pats, but with Vick out and Maclin doubtful this doesn't seem like much of a game.  So its the Deadskins over the Seaguls in a riveting game on Fox.  Sucks to be you if that's the game in your market.


Tom Brady will throw for 300 yards and 2 scores against the Eagles.  The Eagles may have two of their three starting corners on the bench today, like Tom Brady needs any help.  Can I get a witness LeBrun?

The second jock is Eli Manning throwing for 300 yards 2 TD's (but also a couple of INT's) against the Saints.  The Giants will be trying to come from behind which means 40+ throws for Manning.  He will make a couple of mistakes, but also hit a couple of big ones.

Tune in Tuesday to hear about the week that was in the NFL at 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

LSJ - Tofurkey Day


There are two locks this Thanksgiving Day...okay three, but we all know Chris will have to get sweatpants by nightfall because he ate too much.  The first NFL lock of the week is the Packers over the Lions.  Oh finally Detroit has a chance on Thanksgiving Day, they finally have a team!!  And this year they get the undefeated Green Bay Packers.  Detroit isn't as good as it started, or maybe as lucky.  But the real difference is the pass rush.  If they put the pressure to Rodgers they may have a chance, but even with pressure I don't think they have the DB's to match the weapons of the Packers.   You have a lot to be thankful for this year Detroit, its just a win on Turkey Day won't be one of them.  Packers win 31 - 20.

Dallas is the other lock of the week. The Dolphins have won three in a row, and so has Dallas.  But I think the Cowboys have more talent and that should be enough.  Should is the key word, if the good Cowpokes show up it could look a lot like the Bills game.  If bad Romo shows up it could be a squeaker like last week.  Either way I've got the 'Boys ruling the day and helping me have a great Thanksgiving night.  Dallas wins 27 - 13.


The battle of the Harbaugh's is great for ESPN and NFL Network, but I'm not sure it really matters.  Unless you are listening to ESPN radio today or tomorrow.  Baltimore has a good team most weeks, but then they can lay some real clunkers.  (see Jacksonville).  The 49ers keep winning, except against Dallas, and I think they will again tonight.  Baltimore should win, but that's why they play the games!!  Good matchup, but the 9ers win 23 - 20.


QB's rule the day for jocks.  I've got Aaron Rodgers throwing for 300 yards and two scores against Detroit and Romo throwing for 275 and two scores against the fins. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!  More picks this Sunday and don't forget to tune in Tuesday night as Chris and Matt discuss the week that was in the NFL and whatever else they want too!!