Sunday, November 27, 2011

LSJ - Week 12


The first lock of the week is the Steelers over the Chiefs.  The Chiefs were looking like a better team, whether they were ACTUALLY a better team is up for debate.  For whatever reason, probably the Steelers are a good national draw NBC decided not to change games.  I'm sure they are right, the Eagles vs. the Patriots won't be a better game.  The Steelers run with this one 31 - 3.

The second lock of the week is the Saints over the Giants.  There are the good Giants that beat New England a couple of weeks ago and then the Giants that lose to the Seahawks.  The G-men have lost two in a row, and it may be four in a row before they get to meet the Cowboys in Cowboys Stadium.  It's a rough patch for the G-men as they lose to the Saints on the road 27 - 20.


The Titans are favored over the Buccaneers at home today by 3.  The Bucs haven't been a consistent team, but then again neither have the Titans.  Hasselbeck isn't 100% and Chris Johnson hasn't been Chris Johnson all year, my fantasy team is a clear indication incase you needed one.  I like the Bucs on the road because they have the youth and the talent.  This doesn't always win road games in the NFL, but it will this week 23 - 13.

The second shock of the week is the Redskins over the Seahawks.  I almost went Eagles over Pats, but with Vick out and Maclin doubtful this doesn't seem like much of a game.  So its the Deadskins over the Seaguls in a riveting game on Fox.  Sucks to be you if that's the game in your market.


Tom Brady will throw for 300 yards and 2 scores against the Eagles.  The Eagles may have two of their three starting corners on the bench today, like Tom Brady needs any help.  Can I get a witness LeBrun?

The second jock is Eli Manning throwing for 300 yards 2 TD's (but also a couple of INT's) against the Saints.  The Giants will be trying to come from behind which means 40+ throws for Manning.  He will make a couple of mistakes, but also hit a couple of big ones.

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