Sunday, December 18, 2011

LSJ - Week 15

As an early Christmas gift I decided instead of just tweeting out the picks I would write them down for you.  I know some of you need it to keep track of them.  You know who you are BMA grads!!


The first lock of the week is the Baltimore Ravens over the San Diego Chargers.  The underachieving Chargers look nothing like the teams they have in the past, especially in December.  It would appear they will miss the playoffs and probably start shopping for a GM and a head coach.  Another nail goes in the Norv coffin today, Ravens win 23 - 17.

The second lock of the week is the Patriots over the Holy Rollers aka the Denver Broncos.  Maybe if Tebow played like it was the last 5 minutes all game they would have a chance, but lets not get carried away.  The "Hoody" will have something special for Timmy and everyone will start jumping off the Tebow for MVP bandwagon.  That award still goes to Peyton Manning.  Patriots win 31 - 10.


The first shock of the week is the Jets over the Eagles.  The Jets are in a must win situation and the Eagles are still trying to find their way out of the paper bag.  I'm sure they will find their way out next week against the Cowboys, but this week not so much.  The Jets win 23 - 20.

The second shock is the Steelers over the 49ers.  The Steelers haven't played great, and they travel cross country to play in San Fran, and Big Ben is banged up, so add it all up and you get a Steelers win.  Yeah I know, consider it new math.  I just don't trust the 49ers and its Monday night and ESPN will need to heap platitude upon platitude on Worthlessburger.  Doesn't Worthington or LaLoma make that?  Anywho, Steelers win 24 - 17.


Drew Brees 300 yards and 2 touchdowns.  It's a broken record for a reason, I think he will have a break some records by season end.  Plus it doesn't hurt they are playing the Vikings!!

Tom Brady 300 yards and 2 touchdowns as well.  I thought about putting Tebow here, but then I didn't think anyone would see the humor in a 50 yard day.  

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