Thursday, November 24, 2011

LSJ - Tofurkey Day


There are two locks this Thanksgiving Day...okay three, but we all know Chris will have to get sweatpants by nightfall because he ate too much.  The first NFL lock of the week is the Packers over the Lions.  Oh finally Detroit has a chance on Thanksgiving Day, they finally have a team!!  And this year they get the undefeated Green Bay Packers.  Detroit isn't as good as it started, or maybe as lucky.  But the real difference is the pass rush.  If they put the pressure to Rodgers they may have a chance, but even with pressure I don't think they have the DB's to match the weapons of the Packers.   You have a lot to be thankful for this year Detroit, its just a win on Turkey Day won't be one of them.  Packers win 31 - 20.

Dallas is the other lock of the week. The Dolphins have won three in a row, and so has Dallas.  But I think the Cowboys have more talent and that should be enough.  Should is the key word, if the good Cowpokes show up it could look a lot like the Bills game.  If bad Romo shows up it could be a squeaker like last week.  Either way I've got the 'Boys ruling the day and helping me have a great Thanksgiving night.  Dallas wins 27 - 13.


The battle of the Harbaugh's is great for ESPN and NFL Network, but I'm not sure it really matters.  Unless you are listening to ESPN radio today or tomorrow.  Baltimore has a good team most weeks, but then they can lay some real clunkers.  (see Jacksonville).  The 49ers keep winning, except against Dallas, and I think they will again tonight.  Baltimore should win, but that's why they play the games!!  Good matchup, but the 9ers win 23 - 20.


QB's rule the day for jocks.  I've got Aaron Rodgers throwing for 300 yards and two scores against Detroit and Romo throwing for 275 and two scores against the fins. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!  More picks this Sunday and don't forget to tune in Tuesday night as Chris and Matt discuss the week that was in the NFL and whatever else they want too!!

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  1. I START OUT in sweatpants! Happy Turkey Day everyone!!