Sunday, February 5, 2012

LSJ - Super Bowl

I'm picking the Patriots over the Giants.  I have gone back and forth on this, even while typing it, but finally decided the holes on the Giants are less than the holes for the Pats.  What's the difference you ask? The Giants have been talking smack all week, making predictions, talking about how they rattle Brady, the IT department screws up and displays the Championship website early, and on and on.  The New York media TRIED to stir up controversy with Brady's words, but he diffused it and that was that.  Gronk isn't healthy and that can't be good for Pats fans, but I think Brady will pull it out in the 4th QTR 34 - 31.


The jocks will be the QB's as both Brady and Manning will throw for 300 yards and 2 TD's apiece.  Winning QB gets the MVP.

Enjoy the Super Bowl and live tweeting commentary on the game and commercials!!  Listen Tuesday as Matt & Chris discuss the Super Bowl, the ads, the Vegas caucus, snow, and as always weird news on at 10:00 pm eastern.  

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