Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week 2

This weeks Locks, Shocks, & Jocks (LS&J) will be shorter because basically people might read predictions BEFORE the games kickoff.  Better luck next week.


The lock of the week is for the Saints to march all over the 49ers.  The 9ers didn't look all that strong last week and the Saints didn't look all that great, but they did collect some rings last week.  Brees may not rack up 350 yards against the improved 9ers defense but it will be enough against the anemic 49ers offense.  Saints win 24 - 10.


The shock of the week is the Giants over the Colts.  Everyone loves some sibling rivalry, even when its Peyton & Eli. Baby brother will take down his older brother because the Colts can't stop the run, especially without Bob Sanders.  They have a lot of practice playing without him, but apparently in this case practice doesn't make perfect.  The G-men take down the Colts 27 - 24.


Peyton will put up great numbers again this week, 2 touchdowns and another 300 yards, but all for not as they take loss #2 on the season.  

We will try to do better next week and get back to 2 locks, 2 shocks, and 2 jocks.  Tune it Tuesday night at 10:00 eastern to see how we did and Chris & Matt's comments on the week that was.

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