Friday, September 24, 2010

LS&J Week 3

Well it may have taken three weeks but we finally have a full fledged Locks Shocks and Jocks for Week 3 of the NFL season.


The first lock of the week is the Monday night game between the 2-0 Packers and the 2-0 Bears.  The game is in the Windy City and sets up to be a great NFC North rivalry game.  It sets up that way, but it won't be played that way.  Jay Cutler will come back to earth, the Green Bay defense will force him into silly mistakes.  Through the first two games the Bears leading receiver is a running back.  The Bears aren't that great, but the Packers are.  The Packers will by 10.

The second lock of the week is 1-1 Colts over the 1-1 Broncos.  People may be thinking the Colts are vulnerable after the first week lost to Houston, but they are the Colts after all people.  The fighting Peytons will beat down the Donkey's like they are a government mule.  The Colts win this going away 31-17.


The first shock of the week is the 1-1 Falcons will upset the 2-0 Saints at home in the Superdome.  I was high on the Falcons in the preseason and I see no reason to abandon them now.  Matt Ryan and company will march into the Crescent City and ruin the Saints parade.  It will be a close game, but the Falcons will win on a last minute field goal.  Falcons 27 and the Saints 24.

The second shock of the week is the 1-1 Jets over the 2-0 Dolphins.  The Jets will be without Revis Island and most people think that Marshall will go off.  The problem is that Chad Henne is throwing the ball to Marshall.  Henne will have a fine career, he just doesn't have the experience right now to deal with a Rex Ryan defense.  The Jets win a squeaker, 20-17.


The first jock is Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers.  He will light up the Bears defense for over 300 yards and three scores.  Romo had no problems lighting up the Bears for over 350 yards, and he looked off.  Rodgers hasn't looked off at all this year and the Packers will be going to the air early and often.

The second jock of the week is Chris Johnson of the Titans.  They are facing the New York Giants and their defense has been erratic all year.  Johnson is coming off a bad game by anyone's standards and he will have something to prove.  Johnson will run for over 125 yards and grab two scores in helping the Titans take down the G-men.

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