Sunday, February 7, 2010

LS&J Playoff Style - Super Bowl

Preseason I picked the Saints and it is awfully hard to pick against yourself.  That's why I'm saying "Who Dat!!"  That being said I'm a huge Peyton Manning fan and will not be upset at all, maybe secretly glad, if the Colts beat the Saints.  I'm thinking Dwight Freeney will not hold up and that will be a problem for the Colts D.  The biggest problem for the Saints D is they are facing Peyton Manning.  The last two Super Bowls have been fantastic, going down to the wire.  The game will be settled in the last five minutes of the fourth quarter.  He who has the ball last with a decent amount of time left will win.  I'm sticking with the preseason pick - New Orleans 41 and the Colts 38.

The MVP will be Drew Brees.  No, this is not because of an alleged "man-crush" but because the quarterback of the winning team will be the MVP.

Take the over and take the points - see how the picks turned out as Chris and Matt talk about the Super Bowl and the best of worst commercials of the night.  Listen live at 10:00 eastern on .

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