Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hava = Good Day

I remember growing up in Boston I used to switch the top dial on the TV to U, just past channel 13, right before channel 2. Then I’d turn the bottom dial to WQTV Channel 68 and watch Hogan’s Heroes after lunch. Jawohl, Commandant! Those were the days!

Technology has advanced a little bit since then. Not only can I watch any NFL game live each week with my DirecTV Sunday Ticket subscription but the last two weeks I’ve watched the Patriots on my computer since I was away from my TV and barcalounger . When I realize I forgot to schedule the DVR to record a show I simply do it from my iPhone from work or the airport or wherever.

Ok, maybe it has been a while since my days growing up in Boston.

Recently I had the opportunity to check out Hava, a device that allows you to control your DVR from any computer or phone with an internet connection. A competitor to the more well-known Slingbox, Hava gives you an on-screen remote that is laid out exactly like your physical remote at home. Click on the on-screen remote and you can watch live TV on your computer or watch shows saved on your DVR. How cool would that be to have all your shows available while on the road? (Sadly, it still won’t help Matt when he travels to see his grandparents in Arkansas, seeing as they don’t have Internet in Arkansas yet!) The only potential downside I can see is that someone at the house cannot watch something different from what is being viewed on Hava.

If you’ve had any experience with either Hava or Slingbox I’d love to hear your thoughts. Or if you want to try it out for yourself Hava is currently offering a back-to-school deal on refurb boxes. When (not if) I get one I’ll be sure to post my review online and probably talk about it on The Sideliners Show as well.

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