Sunday, September 27, 2009

Locks, Shocks, & Jocks - Week 3

This post was written Friday night but due to technical difficulties wasn't posted.  The games have already started and I didn't change anything, and maybe I should have!!  Here it is anyways!!!

It’s time for Week 3’s installment of Locks, Shocks, & Jocks. The crack research team went on vacation this week so hopefully the picks will be better. Week 3 Locks are Indianapolis and Dallas. Indy travels to the desert to face the Cardinals who are coming off their first win of the year after beating Jacksonville like a government mule. Indy is coming off a win over Miami on Monday night where the offense seemingly never had the ball. Look for Indy’s quick strikes to continue and turn the game into a shootout. I give the edge to Indy because of the “Peyton Factor.” Indy wins 41-38.

The second lock is Dallas over Carolina. Dallas was embarrassed as they opened Jerry’s World with a loss to the Giants. Romo threw 3 int’s, but the good news is they get the Delhome this week who likes to throw more picks than Romo. This will be a great day for either defense to make plays, but in the end Dallas will have a stronger D. The pass rush will finally show up this year and Delhome will be rushed and throw multiple interceptions. Romo will have a decent game and Dallas will role 27-17 over the Panthers.

The first shock is KC over Philly. With full disclosure I have no idea what the line is, but Philly is a much more talented team even with no McNabb. Philly’s defense will let them down and with the indecision at QB, KC will rise up and strike Philly down. Cassel will be more comfortable and Kolb will be looking over his shoulder at both Vick & Jeff Garcia hoping he doesn’t get yanked from the field. My advise, stay away from the Linc around 4:30 local time, it won’t be a pretty sight! KC 20-17

The second shock is Miami will upset the Chargers. That’s right, the six point dog will go into Qualcomm stadium and blow up the Chargers. Rivers had a career day last week and Miami played great ball control against the Colts with a bad loss. The wildcat will run free and Rivers will not play nearly as great as last week. Take the Fins 20-17 over the Bolts.

The first player to watch is Ronnie Brown of the Dolphins. He will be running the wildcat and be the featured back against the Chargers. He should blow up with his rushing numbers and add a couple of TD’s either running or passing.

While I want to call Tom Brady’s name for my second Jock I’m becoming more convinced his knee isn’t as great as we are being told. I know it’s shocking to hear because the Patriot’s are always SO forthcoming with the injury updates. I am going to call Kurt Warner’s name because I believe it will be a shoot-out in the desert and with weapons like Fitzgerald and Bolden how can you not throw it? Kurt will be over 300 yards and 3 touchdowns, but still have to take the loss (see above).

Tune in Tuesday night at 10:00 eastern to see how my predictions fared this week. If you agree or disagree write a comment and or call into the show Tuesday night at

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