Saturday, September 19, 2009

Locks, Shocks, & Jocks for Week 2 of the NFL

As we look forward to Week 2 in the NFL the crack research staff here at the Sideliners Show and I poured over scouting reports and historical matchups to bring you a preview of Sunday in the first edition of “Locks, Shocks, & Jocks.”

First the LOCKS.  Two teams that will definitely win on Sunday are the Washington Redskins and the Green Bay Packers.  The Redskins play the inept St. Louis Rams.  The Rams failed to score a point last week and don’t look for them to score too many points this week.  Washington’s D will be all over Steven Jackson, the only real threat on offense.  Look for Washington to stack 8 in the box and make the Rams beat them through the air.  

In the second matchup I’ve got the Packers taking the Bengals behind the wood shed.  The Bengals didn’t look that great last week while the Packers looked solid.  The Bengals lost on a freak play at the end of regulation, this one will be over before that.  Rogers & Co. will seal this one up by the start of the 4th Quarter.  

The SHOCKS are Seahawks over the 49ers.  I’m taking this one as a shock because the point spread has the 49ers by 1.5.  This shows way too much respect to the 49ers for their win over the Cardinals last week and not enough respect for the 28-0 drubbing the Seahawks put on the Rams.  With Matt Hasselbeck healthy look for the Seahawks to squeak one out in SF.

The second SHOCK will be the Oakland Raiders over the Kansas CIty Chiefs.  Oakland and Kansas City showed great fight in a losses last week.  The good news for these teams is someone is going to win.  With Cassell looking like he will miss another start, and Russell looking improved over last year, look for the Raiders to run the ball effectively and KC to have to play catch up.

The two JOCKS to watch will be Adrian Peterson of the Vikings and Darren McFadden of the Raiders.  Peterson gets to play against the Lions defense whose growl is worse than it’s bite.  Look for Peterson to go over 150 yards again this week with multiple touchdowns.

Last year Darren McFadden said, “Hello NFL!” against the Chiefs.  Look for McFadden to rack up at least 125 yards and a touch down or two.  He torched the Chiefs last year in week 2 for 164 yards and a td.  McFadden will be part of the reason the Raiders will beat the Chiefs.  

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