Friday, December 4, 2009

LS&J Week 13


Lots of great games on the schedule this week, too bad LS&J won’t be reflecting that!! The first lock of the week is San Diego over the Browns. Yep, that’s right we are REALLY going out on a limb with this one!! Rivers will have a great day and the running game will be serviceable as the Chargers light up in the inept Browns. The Chargers win going away 38-10.

The second lock is Pittsburg to take down Oakland. I don’t know if Big Ben will be back, but it doesn’t matter. Oakland is in total disarray. “Just Win Baby” has turned into, “Just show up on time and collect a check, Baby!” There is no defense for the offense and the defense has been offensive! Yeah, while your thinking about that, Pittsburgh scored again!! Steelers start to make their playoff push with a 24-10 win over the Raiders!!


The first shock of the week is the Ravens over the Packers. While Aaron Rodgers has had a pretty good year it has felt uneven for the Pack this year. The Ravens are trying to make the playoffs in the tough AFC. That is why we are taking the Ravens to pound the ball with Rice & McGahee and shorten the game while keeping Rodgers off the field. Ravens win a boring low scoring affair 20-13.

The second shock of the week is Tennessee to continue their winning ways against the Colts. Yes I’m picking on the Colts for the second week in a row but the Titans are on a roll, having run off 5 straight wins after starting with 6 straight losses. The Titans won’t end up in the playoffs when it is all said and done, and with Vince Young it isn’t always pretty, but they just win. The Titans just win with Vince, simple as that. With Texas taking on Nebraska Saturday night we are sticking with the Texas theme and Vince winning it in the final seconds. Titans 23 and the Colts 20.


The first jock is Drew Brees. The Redskins have played two tight games, but they were against NFC East rivals. The Saints will march up and down the field with Brees playing with the Redskins DB’s like a cat plays with a mouse. Brees will have over 300 yards and account for 3 touchdowns.

The second jock is Carson Palmer. Palmer gets the pleasure of going up against the Lions and will take full advantage of it. It must be the Bengals year because they are 8-3 and could be 9-2 if not for a fluke loss against Denver in Week 1. The Lions have nothing going for them, other than the season is almost over! Palmer gets 300 yards and multiple touchdowns. The Bengals should ROMP!!

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