Friday, November 27, 2009

LS&J for Week 12

As the tryptophan wears off from the turkey (and subsequent turkey sandwiches) for most of America we turn our eyes to Week 12 of the NFL.  For the record, I don’t think Worthington’s Dinner Roast has any tryptophan, but I was ready for a nap none the less!  Oh yeah, Week 12.  


The first lock of the week is the Dolphins over the Bills.  The Dolphins have lost Ronnie Brown for the year, and fantasy owners around the world weep.  Ricky Williams has shown that he can shoulder the load without Brown and the Bills have the second worst run defense in the NFL.  Another problem for the Bills?  They have no quarterback!  It’s hard to win in the NFL when the quarterback position is so unsettled.  Dolphins 20 and the Bills 6.   

The second lock is the Eagles over the Redskins.  In the NFC East nothing is ever a sure thing, but this comes pretty close.  The Redskins put up a good fight against the Cowboys, but they don’t have the secondary to stop all of Philly’s weapons.  They have two injured running backs and they haven’t won a game on the road yet this year.  Eagles win 31-13.


The first shock is the Texans over the Colts.  The Texans have never beat the Colts and lost a heartbreaker a couple of weeks ago.  But, it is always a competitive game and the Texans have been closing the gap.  The Colts have a lot of injuries and the Texans have something to prove at home after losing to the Titans.  Look for Shaub and company to put points on the board and give the Colts their first loss.  Texans win 27-24.

The second shock is the Jaguars over the 49ers.  The 9ers started strong and it has all gone to pot, while the Jags have gotten their record to 6-4 and are quietly putting together a nice little playoff run.  The 49ers have been great against the run all year (6th best in the league) and that does not play into the Jaguars hands. But this is of course why it is an upset pick and “why the play the games!”  Jones-Drew will hit the century mark with a TD or two.  Jags win 20-17.


The first jock is Tennessee running back Chris Johnson.  He is facing the 8th best run defense in Arizona, but it has a problem with speed.  Johnson has speed to burn and will rack up over 100 yards and 2 touchdowns.  The Titans will need to control the clock and keep Warner & Co off the field.  A healthy dose of Johnson should do that, and with his speed, it could get ugly.

The second jock is Donovan McNabb.  Look for McNabb to have at least one long touchdown play to DeSean Jackson.  McNabb will also have at his disposal Jeremy Maclin and Brent Celek.  Too much fire power for a secondary that just lost DeAngelo Hall.  McNabb will throw for over 300 yards and multiple touchdowns to add to Jim Zorns misery.  

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