Sunday, November 6, 2011

LSJ - Week 9


The first lock of the week is Pittsburgh over Baltimore.  Baltimore embarrassed the Steelers in Week 1 and the Steelers will be looking for payback.  They will get it as Pittsburgh's play has gotten better and the Ravens have fallen off the map.  Its never a good idea to peak in week 1, which is exactly what it looks like the Ravens did.  The Steelers win 31 - 13.

The second lock of the week is Philly over the Bears.  The Eagles look like they have gotten themselves on track and I've always thought the Bears were overachieving.  The Bears may slow down Vick and the Eagles, but they don't have the offensive fire power to keep up.  Eagles win 27 - 17.


The Saints are favored by 9 over the Bucs and I'm not sure why.  Sure on paper the Saints should win, but that's why they play the game.  And the Saints haven't played a great game since they shellacked the Colts 62-7.  And yes, I know it was only two weeks ago, but did you?  Anyway, I like the Bucs on the road for some reason this week 20 - 17.

The second shock is the Jets over the Bills.  The Bills are favored at home this week, and the Jets haven't looked like the Super Bowl appearing team I predicted earlier this year.  If the Jets want to make the playoffs, and I think Sexy Rexy does, it is a must win for the Jets this week.  Jets win 20 - 17.


Michael Turner gets to face the Colts this week.  And I think a heavy dose of Turner is just what the Falcons have planned for the Colts.  Turner will run for 100 yards and get 2 scores.

Aaron Rodgers gets to face the Chargers today.  Which Chargers team will show up this week?  Great questions, but I think I know which Aaron Rodgers shows up for the Packers.  The kind that throws for 300 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Sucks to be the Chargers.

Tune in Tuesday night at 10:00 pm eastern as Chris & Matt discuss the week that was in the NFL and whatever else they feel like at the time. 

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