Sunday, September 25, 2011

LSJ - Week 3


The first lock of the week is the Steelers over the Colts.  Without Manning the Colts have a slim chance, and by slim I mean next to none.  The Steelers D is too good, the offense might not be there yet for the Steelers, but luckily for them they have a "get well" game against the Colts.  The Steelers win easily 27 - 6.

The second lock of the week are the Dallas Cowboys.  I believe Romo will play this week, I don't know about Jones or Bryant, but they aren't as important as Romo.  He played three quarters hurt, and his lung is already healed.  It won't be pretty, and the Boys will have to minimize hits to Romo, but in a pick'em game I pick the Cowboys 20 - 17.


The first shock is the Bucs are favored over the Falcons by a point.  The Falcons didn't look great against the Eagles, but they came out of it with some confidence and more importantly a W.  They keep their winning ways this afternoon with a quality road win over the Bucs 27 - 17.

The second shock of the week is the Dolphins over the Browns.  The Fins haven't shown much this year, but neither have the McCoy let Browns.  I think the Fins put it all together this Sunday and get a win over the Browns 24 - 20.


Chris Johnson hasn't done much this year, but luckily for him the Titans play the Broncos this week.  Johnson goes for a C note this week and two scores.

The second jock is Phillip Rivers.  The Chargers play the Chiefs this year who look more like they are playing for Andrew Luck than for W's.  The Chargers win big and the only reason Rivers doesn't have more yards is because they don't have to throw.  Rivers throws for 275 and three scores on the day anyway!!

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