Sunday, January 23, 2011

Championship Weekend - LS&J


The first lock of the week is the Packers over the Bears.  The Packers have been playing better football of late and I trust their offense more than I do the Bears.  The Packers will put pressure on Cutler and he will turn into the Cutler of old and turn the ball over.  Rodgers won't be as sharp as he was in Atlanta, but they should put enough points on the board to punch their tickets to Dallas.  The Packers win an ugly game 20 - 16.

The second lock is the Steelers over the Jets.  This was a harder game for me because I wanted to pick the Jets all week.  But I think the Steelers D will rattle Sanchez a little and he will make some bad plays.  He was on the verge against the Patriots but that D isn't as good as the Steelers.  The Steelers win 23 - 20.

There are no shocks and the jocks to watch are Troy Polamalu and Clay Matthews.  With the cold weather it is the defense that will carry the Pack and Steelers to Dallas.

Tune in Tuesday for your Super Bowl preview and the week that was in the world of sports, politics, and current events!

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