Thursday, November 25, 2010

NFL Week 12 - LS&J Turkey Day Special

Game Already Started

There are 12 minutes left in the first quarter and I have no idea what has happened.  But I do know what will happen!  The Patriots will take down the Lions on the road and the woes will continue for the competitive Lions.  Pats win 31 - 17.


The (8-2) Jets are heavy favorites over the (2-8) Bengals.  The Bengals won't get it going today against the surging Jets.  Sanchez is leading 4th quarter and OT comebacks, but this week it won't be necessary.  The Jets win in a laugher, 34 - 16.  

The (7-3) Saints are marching into Dallas hopefully getting Reggie Bush back against the (3-7) Cowboys.  Firing Wade is the best thing to happen to the 'Boys this year, but it won't help against the formidable Saints.  The Saints Passing will be too much against the shaky secondary for the Boys.  The Saints win a close one 27 - 24.


Drew Brees will light up the Dallas secondary for 300 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Getting Reggie back won't be the help it will be next week, but it really doesn't matter this week.  A weak secondary is better for Brees than a Bush back from injury.

Stay tuned for the rest of Week 11 LS&J later in the week.  Happy Turkey day!!

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