Thursday, November 11, 2010

NFL Week 10 - LS&J


The first lock of the week is the (5-3) Eagles to beat the (4-4) Redskins in Landover.  The Redskins have a feud between their head coach and quarterback and that is ALWAYS a recipe for disaster.  The Eagles have Vick back and Jackson back, spelling bad news for the soap opera that is Washington.  The Eagles take care of business on the road 24 - 13.

The second lock of the week is for the (6-2) Steelers to take down the (6-2) Patriots.  The Patriots were very quietly beating teams and then they got stomped by Cleveland.  It is not likely for the Patriots to lose two in a row, but also unlikely they would lose to the Browns.  Rothlisberger is still getting on the same page as his receivers, but it is only getting better spelling gloom for the Pats young secondary.  Pittsburgh wins in OT 27-24.


The first shock of the week is the (6-2) Ravens to beat the (6-2) Falcons on the road.  Ray-Ray is on the record saying he (and most NFL players) do NOT like playing on Thursday night.  But you know Ray-Ray will be all fired up to knock some heads.  The game will go down to the last 5 minutes with a kicker deciding the game.  Falcons miss the attempt and the Ravens win 24 - 23.

The second shock is the (4-4) Texans to upset the (4-4) Jaguars.  The Texans secondary is used to being torched, but lucky for them they play the Jags this week!!  Garrard probably won't light up the Texans secondary like he did the Cowboys a couple of weeks ago.  The Texans should be able to move the ball and post a needed win to stay in the playoff hunt.  The Texans win 27 - 17.


The first jock is Eli Manning.  Yes the Cowboys have a new coach, but they also have a new defense coordinator.  The smart play is on the Giants offense over the so far uninspired Dallas defense.  The Cowboys MAY get better, but it won't be this week.  Baby Bro Manning throws for 300 yards and 3 TD's as nothing changes for the Cowboys.

The second jock is Michael Vick.  He should be able to light up the Redskins D both with his legs and his arm.  Through the air on the ground Vick will net 300 yards and 2 scores as the Redskins have NO clue how to handle him. 

Tune in this Tuesday as Chris & Matt are back on the mic and throwing opinions out like 3 dollar bills.  The dollar bills may be more valuable, but Chris & Matt are definitely more entertaining!! 

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