Sunday, January 3, 2010

LSJ Week 17

Ahh, the final week of the NFL regular season and desperation is in the air. And no, I’m not referring to LeBrun on New Year’s Eve back in college. Anyways, on to the picks…

The first lock of the week is the Bills over the Colts. They are huge favorites because no one expects Peyton Manning to play after last week against the Jets. This is a smart move by first year coach Jim Caldwell, keep Peyton healthy so the Fightin Peyton’s have a shot in the post season. Bills, count your blessings and your draft spot go higher. Bills in a laughter.

The second lock of the week is the 49ers over the Rams. St. Louis will secure the rights to draft anyone they want to join the misery in April. With so many needs, why not give them the first five picks, but I digress. The 9ers started hot, then they cooled off. Alex Smith and Vernon Davis will make plays through the air and Frank Gore will keep them honest on the ground. Hope this game isn’t in your market!! 49ers 24 and the Rams 10.


The first shock is the Giants will actually show up for a game this week, and they will knock off the Vikings. Brett has started to look his age and that does not bode well for the Vikings headed into the playoffs. It will be close because of Adrian Peterson but the G men will take it and try to win some respect. We shall see. Giants 24 and the Vikings 23.

The second shock is the Jags over the Browns. Why the Browns are favored is beyond me!! This three game winning streak must be going to Vegas’s head, but I will take the Jags over the Brownies in game that mathematically means something for the playoffs, but in reality it won’t. The Jags will look at this game to build for next year with Del Rio fighting for his job. The Jags win going away 24 – 10.


The first jock is Donovan McNabb because he always plays well against Dallas. The Eagles are playing for a first round bye and the Divisional Crown. The Cowboys are just glad to make the playoffs. Donovan will go for over 300 yards and multiple touchdowns as the Eagles beat the Boys in Dallas.

The second jock is Chris Johnson of the Titans. He will become the sixth runner to cross the 2,000 yard mark by gaining over 128 yards. It will be a squeaker, but he will get the job done. And he better, because he is still on getting me points in one of my fantasy leagues!! This pick is more of a butt pat to Johnson and his O line for the work they have put in this season, but here’s to hoping for history!!


  1. not sure if Romo or McNabb should be the lock. The Cowboys are starting to worry me a bit. If their head's are right & they don't believe in the December swoon anymore they are dangerous. Still rooting for the Eagles, just saying...
    -Don Beyreis