Sunday, December 13, 2009

LS&J for Week 14


Four weeks left in the NFL season and December is heating up!  The first lock of the week is the Colts to beat the Broncos.  Denver’s D is much better this year, but the Colts are ulmost unbeatable at home. The Colts will lose a game this year, but it won’t be against Denver.  Denver will probably have Bailey on Wayne all game, and Indy doesn’t have a running game to speak of, but Peyton is Peyton and Orton is Orton.  The Fighting Mannings take down Denver 20 - 13.

The second lock of the week is the Packers over the Bears.  The Bears are sill missing Brian Urlacher and the Pack are on a roll.  Brian Grant will help control the clock and the ball and Rodgers will pick apart the Bears secondary.  While this is a rivalry game, I don’t expect much of a game when the fourth quarter rolls around.  The Packers 31 and the Bears 17.


The first shock is the Bengals will upset the Vikings at home today.  The Bengals D will stop Peterson and Favre will turn into the Farve of the past several years and throw a couple of interceptions.  Carson Palmer won’t have a stellar day, but he will make the plays necessary and Cedric Benson will show why the Bengals picked him up off the scrap heap and cross the thousand yard mark for the season.  Bengals 24 and the Vikings 20.

The second shock is the Chargers over the Cowboys.  This would have been a lock pick had the Chargers been favored.  Dallas gets three points for being at home, unfortunately December means more than home field advantage in this one.  Dallas needs to make a statement and prove they are a playoff worthy team, but it won’t be this week.  Rivers and Co will roll in Dallas 31 - 24.


Drew Brees is the first jock not only because he will become the first quarterback this season to throw 30 touchdowns, but he will creep up on the 4,000 yard mark for the season.  I don’t see him throwing for 470 yards, but 300 is about right with multiple touchdowns.  After a scare in DC last week, this will be a statement game against a divisional opponent.  

The second jock will be Philip Rivers.  The Dallas secondary has one of the highest completion percentages against them on third down.  Rivers is too good of a quarterback to let him be completing passes when they need them most.  Rivers will connect with Gates in the middle of the field and have a great day in Dallas.  Rivers will throw for 300 yards and multiple touchdowns as the Chargers rock on.

Tune in Tuesday night to see how the picks turned out and how LS&J is doing so far this year. 10:00 p.m. eastern.  

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