Sunday, November 15, 2009

LS&J for Week 10


The first lock of the week is the the (4-4) Jaguars traveling to the (4-4) Jets.  The Jets started the year off with three straight wins and have since gone 1-4.  The Jags have been up and down all year with not much excitement all year.  The Jets will get it right this week and get the job done against the Jaguars.  The Jets D will be the key, and we fully expect Rex Ryan to come up with a scheme that will give Garrad & Co. fits all week.  Jets win 24-17.

The second lock is the Ravens smacking down Cleveland Browns Saturday night.  I’m not sure what ESPN was thinking when they scheduled this game, but I can’t imagine they thought the Browns would be in total disaray and have a record of 1-7.  The second half of the season will not start great for the Man-genius as he gets it handed to him 31-10.


The first shock is the Patriots over the Colts.  The Pats may be on the road in Indy but the past several weeks Brady has looked like Brady and Moss is chewing up DB’s and spitting them out.  We expect the game to be decided in the last five minutes of the fourth quarter with the Patriots making the plays on D to stop Manning and Brady with a clutch play to lock it up.  The Patriots win 27-24.

The second shock is the Bengals, seven point dogs, will beat the Steelers in Steel town.  The terrible towels will be needed to dry the eyes of Pittsburgh fans as Carson Palmer and Co. prove they are for real.  It is a battle of 6-2 teams and first place in the AFC North is up for grabs.  Cedric Benson will continue to get yards on the ground and Palmer & Ochocinco will hook up for a late touchdown to give the Bengals the 27-24 win over the Steelers.


The first jock is Joe Flacco.  That’s right, a Baltimore QB has made the list as a jock instead of a RB or LB.  But Joe has been steady all year and may throw for 4,000 yards this year.  He will get a good chunk this week against the Browns will throw multiple touchdowns.  The Ravens won in Week 3 and Flacco threw for 342 yards.  He might not get 342, but he will throw more than the 1 he did that week.  

The second jock is Wes Welker.  Moss may get all the media attention, but Welker makes that offense go.  The two losses suffered by the Pats were when Welker was out with injuries.  Welker gets more catches and more importantly frees Moss up to make the big plays because you HAVE to cover Welker.  Welker may not have a ton of yards, but watch the game and you will see why Moss is more open with him on the field and he will have the most receptions of any reciever in the game.  

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