Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fantasy Bet

Two divisional leaders meet in Week 8 of the all-important fantasy football league. One is undefeated; the other just 5-2. But this match-up more important than a chance to remain undefeated or to topple a giant. It’s not simply a necessity to stay atop the division in a competitive league. This is a game between two guys who are more than friends (get your mind out of the gutter – they’re co-hosts of a national radio show on the internet!) so that means there’s a friendly bet on the line.

After clumsily realizing on the air last week that we were set to face each other this week in our one and only game, we’ve been trying to determine what our bet would be. It has to be something that plays well on the show or can be captured in pictures to be posted online. And because neither of us are rich, nor does the show have a large expense account; it has to be something that doesn’t cost much. There are other physical limitations that involve shaving logos in hair or wearing each other’s team jerseys. But what we CAN do is embarrass the loser on air. That way the tens of listeners can enjoy in the pain of the loser.

So here it is: the loser must sing a song on air of the winner’s choice. And you can believe that much thought and consideration will be put into song selection. High melodies, compromising lyrics, and the knowledge that this will be recorded on a podcast for the entire world to be able to listen to this forever should be torture enough to make Week 8 an interesting affair for Chris and Matt.

Tune in Tuesday night at 10pm at to hear the results and the singing – if you dare!

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