Saturday, October 24, 2009

LS&J for Week 7


Week 7 takes the NFL to London and Indy to St. Louis.  I expect Tampa and New England will have more turbulence on their flight then Indy will have playing St. Louis.  Stephen Jackson is the only bright spot for the hapless Rams and Indy gets Bob Sanders back.  Look for Peyton & Co. to roll on in St. Louie.

 A nice matchup between the (4-2) Bengals and the (3-2) Bears in Cincinnati.  The Bengals are coming off a loss to the Texans and the Bears are coming off a loss to the Falcons.  Look for a tight game with the game being decided in the last 5 minutes.  Each team will have a shot at it but the Bengals will take advantage late and come away with the victory at home.  Bengals win 24-20.

As a Dallas fan this first one hurts, but look for the Falcons to beat the Boys in Dallas.  Dallas’s offense hasn’t looked stellar and their defense folds under pressure....basically because they can’t get pressure on the quarterback.  Dallas has no go to wide receiver, can’t find Witten, the running game looks lost.  It will be a close game, but in the last four minutes the Falcons will make plays and defense will crumble for Dallas just like it did against the Giants.  Falcons 27-24.

The next shock is the Fins over the Saints.  That’s right, the wildcat will be more than the Saints can handle.  Ronnie Brown will go crazy and Chad Henne will manage the game well and make timely throws.  The Dolphins came close against the Colts, but they won’t let this one get away.  The Fins win at home 24-17.


The first jock is Ronnie Brown.  The Dolphins will use the wildcat at any point in the game, just look at the Jets game.  Ball control will also be part of the Dolphin’s strategy trying to keep Drew Brees off the field as much as possible.  Brown will get touches in the traditional formation or the wildcat.  He will run for over 100 yards and score multiple touchdowns.  

The second jock is Matt Schaub.  He has thrown for over 1,800 yards so far this year and he will only add to it this weekend against the 49ers.  Schaub will cross the 300 yard mark and throw for multiple touchdowns against the usually stingy 49ers D.

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