Friday, October 9, 2009

Locks, Shocks, & Jocks - Week 5

Here are the Locks

The first lock is a great matchup between the Patriots (3-1) and the Broncos (4-0). The Broncos defense has allowed the least amount of points in the league and the -Patriots offense is well, very un-Patriot-like. Josh McDaniels spent the last two seasons running the Patriot offense and knows it like the back of his hand. At home the Broncos have the edge, except on the scoreboard. Patriots win the last five minutes in typical Tom Brady & Bill Belichik style.

The second lock is the Bills (1-3) over the Browns (0-4). The Browns aren’t hitting on any facet of the game. They also just traded away one of their offensive playmakers Braylon Edwards. T.O. hasn’t done much in Buffalo but look for the Bills to circle the wagons and get the win over the Browns in one ugly game.


The first shock is the Panthers (0-3) will beat the Redskins (2-2). So far this year the Panthers have been more interested in beating themselves rather than beating the opposing team. The Skins have had suspect playcalls and have been uneven all year. Look for Campbell to have a bad day with Peppers & Co. to applying steady pressure all day. Steve Smith will go off on the Redskins D and the Panthers will get their first win.

The second shock will be the (1-2) Cardinals beating the (2-2) Texans. Fitzgerald hasn’t really been a factor all year, that starts to change this week. This sets up to be a barn burner and like most Madden matchups will the winner will be whoever has the ball last. If you have a Texan WR or a Zona WR make sure you start them in fantasy football this week. Warner will lead the Cardinals on a last minute drive and take the game in the last two minutes. Cards beat Texans.


The first jock is Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals. I think he will score multiple touchdowns and get over 150 yards. Warner will have a great day, but Fitzgerald will torture and torment the Texans secondary.

The second jock is Brandon Jacobs (RB) of the New York Football Giants. Eli has plantar fasciitis, but will probably still play. To help take the load off Manning, look for the Giants to run the ball, and the Raiders won’t have anything for the steady dose of Jacobs. He will get over 100 yards on the day and a score or two for good measure.

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