Thursday, August 13, 2009

We're Moving!

The Sideliners Show is moving! No we didn't get asked to join Sirius/XM. We're not even moving to the ever-popular AM talk radio airwaves. We're staying put on BlogTalkRadio but we're moving to the new listener-friendly time slot of 10pm eastern (7pm pacific) each and every Tuesday evening. In addition to the new time slot, the show is being expanded to 1 hour!

Says show Sideliners co-host Matthew Orian, "We know this move will put us in competition with primetime network TV [once the fall season starts] but it's not like we're going up against Jay Leno or anything like that! Oh wait, we ARE? I just thought we were just up against 5 versions of CSI and Law & Order!"

"I'm happy for the move," says Sideliners co-host Chris LeBrun. "I was reading online recently that sleep can help promote hair growth. If I can get done with the show earlier so I can get to bed, maybe there's hope for me yet!"

So join the show and listen live, Tuesday, August 18 as we make the move to 10 pm eastern.

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