Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Topics for Episode 1

Tonight is the big premiere for The Sideliners Show with Chris LeBrun and Matt Orian, your front row seat for news, sports, politics, & current events. Wanna know what we'll be talking about on the first big show? Here are just some of the topics you'll hear us talk about:

  • The Michael Jackson memorial
  • Governor Palin's resignation
  • The murder of Steve McNair
  • Governor Sanford's affair
  • Lance Armstrong and the Tour de France
  • "Inappropriate" apps for sale in the iTunes Store
  • And more . . .

Listen live tonight at 11pm (eastern) and we might even take your calls live on the air at (347) 637-2657. Can't stay up that late, you can download the podcast immediately after the show (watch Facebook and Twitter for the links).

Hope you'll log in tonight for the premiere!


  1. Matt should be required to say "Fair is what you take a cow to and hang a ribbon on" every show! :) If not, I might not listen anymore!!! j/k

    nice job guys...I envy your ability to make the effort to put a show together and beg people to listen...and then go out on a limb to put your actual voices out there.

  2. Wait, you mean people were listening to us? I just thought we were talking to each other! :)